The Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

making bedroom good for sleep

These days, our bedrooms often serve a number of functions: watching TV, catching up on work on the laptop, browsing on a smartphone… to the point we may forget their intended purpose: SLEEP! 

Scientific studies have shown that our environment has a measurable effect on our sleep, from temperature, to light, sound, and more. At Southern Shutter Home, we can help you create a bedroom sanctuary that will help you get that much-needed rest at night. 

We offer several options for creating a cool, soothing and light-free environment: 

  • Moveable louvered interior shutters are available in several natural wood species, with different hanging options, design styles and custom details to complement your space. Great for controlling light acting as insulators, they are a great first move toward better sleep. 
  • Electronic “smart” blinds can be programmed via remote or an app on your smartphone. This means no getting out of bed to open or close blinds. 
  • Blackout curtains in a variety of fabrics to enhance your décor while blocking out the light when you’re ready for some serious shut-eye. There is no need to compromise style for comfort when these combine the two! 

While we all need window treatments that serve an important function, we also want them to add beauty and warmth to our space. That’s why Southern Shutter Home offers a wide variety of styles, colors and textures to complement your décor. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to evaluate your needs and help you create a restful oasis, custom designed to fit your needs.