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Historic Matching

Shutters have been used for centuries to protect homes from the elements and provide privacy. Many homes today have historic shutters that have been there for decades or longer and may be ready for a replacement. When that time comes, Southern Shutter Home is experienced in historical matching of shutters to the most rigorous standards.

Historical societies across the country are responsible for ensuring that historically accurate shutter reproductions are used in historic districts. While the accuracy requirements vary drastically from one society to the next, there are generally three categories that cover varying degrees of historic shutters:

  • Exact Match
  • Standard or Production
  • Hybrid: Exact Match with Production Parts

Types of Historic Matching

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Exact Match Historic Shutters

With Exact Match shutters, every detail is created as it was originally constructed. We must have an original shutter in hand or a detailed drawing with all the part dimensions in order to create an Exact Match.

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Production Run Historic Shutters

Southern Shutter Home produces a wide variety of shutters that may be close enough in appearance to the historic shutter to satisfy the specifications of the historical society. While standard or production run shutters typically will not match the original shutters exactly, they will convey the original design intent. Because these shutters are comprised of standardized components, they can be more cost effective than Exact Match shutters, however each structure must be assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure the historical society’s specifications are met.

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Hybrid Historic Shutters

Hybrid shutters utilize standardized components that may be modified to achieve or match custom specifications. These shutters allow customizing of parts to give the look you’re after at a more affordable price. Hybrid shutters match original shutters extremely closely, if not exactly, and capitalize on modern manufacturing methods to meet historic specifications. These shutters are typically priced between exact match and production run shutters and meet the needs for a large percentage of historic jobs.

Our experts can help you determine the best historical shutters for your property, and work with historical societies to ensure compliance.

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