Interior Shutters FAQs

You have questions, and we have answers! Find our most common custom interior shutters FAQs here. Still have questions? Live chat us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Why should I choose custom interior shutters over big-box shutters?

There are many, many advantages to choosing custom created shutters rather than stopping by your local superstore – the most obvious being the look of the shutters. Custom shutters simply look, fit and age better than bargain brands. A well-crafted and fitted shutter outshines any mass-produced alternative. Another advantage is quality. With custom shutters by Southern Shutter Home, your shutters will last a lifetime, and they’ll look great the entire time. We stand behind this quality so strongly that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

How much do interior shutters cost?

With so many options available, custom shutter pricing varies. Making decisions in style, number of windows, materials, cut-outs and more can influence a price greatly. It’s best to know exactly what a client wants and needs, which is why Southern Shutter Home offers a free measurement and consultation to all potential clients in order to deliver the most accurate pricing.

What are the best type of interior shutters for my home?

Shutter type depends greatly on two factors: what style you prefer and what your needs are. If you can’t get enough natural light, easy-opening accordion shutters or shutterettes are a great option. Another popular choice is plantation shutters, which are easy to manipulate and maintain an extremely classic aesthetic. Overall, it all comes down to preference, and we are happy to help you make decisions. In the meantime, take a look at some of the great interior shutter options here.

Do interior shutters increase home value?

Yes! Beyond offering great insulation and improving the appearance of a home, interior shutters send a message: “I care about my home.” Custom shutters show potential buyers that you’ve invested to keep your home at a high standard. This reflects in appraisals and in the first impressions of shoppers.

Do plantation shutters darken a room?

Yes and no – Plantation shutters only make a room as light or dark as you want them to. By adjusting the louvers, slats in plantation shutters open and close, letting in or blocking light. This aspect makes them great for bedrooms and bathrooms, in particular.

Are shutters better than blinds?

Shutters and blinds have their pros and cons, making each of them better for certain circumstances. For example, blinds are more affordable than shutters, but they don’t last as long or add the same value to a home that shutters do. On the other hand, blinds are a great option for a shorter-term home that could use privacy, insulation and comfort. Overall, Southern Shutter Home only produces quality products, making either option one you can count on.

Are plantation shutters good for bedrooms?

Plantation shutters are more than good for bedrooms – they’re great! They offer variable privacy and light with the ease of adjusting a louver. A simple adjustment can block out light on weekend mornings or brighten your bedroom in the afternoon. They also offer fantastic insulation, keeping your room at the perfect temperature while you sleep.

Do you need curtains if you have shutters?

Adding curtains to shuttered windows is purely a personal style decision. While interior shutters are great at controlling light without needing other treatments, drapes and curtains are great options if you want an extra touch of color or style.

Should all windows have shutters?

Not all windows necessarily need shutters. We often recommend a mix of shutters, blinds, shades and drapes depending on many factors. For example, we love the added privacy and light control of plantation shutters in a bedroom or bathroom, but our client might have certain needs or wants that make other options better for them. These could include a desire for a modern smart-home including remote-control shades or the need for the perfect drapes to complete home décor. No matter what our clients’ needs or wants are, we are always here to recommend, offer free design services and custom create to their specifications.

Do shutters keep out noise?

Interior shutters are great for keeping out noise. With thick and durable louvers, shutters absorb noise and create a seal on your window. This makes them perfect for homes near busy roads or central to town.

Do shutters insulate your home?

Shutters not only insulate your windows, but they can also be added to insulate doors. They are great for keeping the cold weather out in the winter and stopping the heat in the summer. This saves homeowners on their energy bill while adding an extra selling point to a home. In one feature, you can boast energy efficiency and classic design.

How long does installation take?

Depending on the size of your home and the number of shutters being installed, the process is relatively quick and is typically completed in 1-2 days. Our installation professionals are always courteous, kind and respectful of our clients and their homes.