Exterior Shutters FAQs

You have questions, and we have answers! Find our most common custom exterior shutters FAQs here. Still have questions? Live chat us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Why should I invest in custom exterior shutters?

There are many, many advantages to choosing custom created shutters rather than stopping by your local superstore – the most obvious being the look of the shutters. Custom shutters simply look, fit and age better than bargain brands. A well-crafted and fitted shutter outshines any mass-produced alternative. Another advantage is quality. With custom shutters by Southern Shutter Home, your shutters will last a lifetime, and they’ll look great the entire time. We stand behind this quality so strongly that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

How much do exterior shutters cost?

With so many options available, custom shutter pricing varies. Making decisions in style, number of windows, materials, cut-outs and more can influence a price greatly. It’s best to know exactly what a client wants and needs, which is why Southern Shutter Home offers a free measurement and consultation to all potential clients in order to deliver the most accurate pricing.

What purposes do exterior shutters serve?

Exterior shutters serve many purposes. They control sunlight and airflow, provide privacy and security, protect against harsh weather and enhance the aesthetic of a home or building.

Do exterior shutters increase home value?

Yes! Beyond improving the appearance of a home and creating unique functionality, custom exterior shutters send a message: “I care about my home.” Custom shutters show potential buyers that you’ve invested to keep your home at a high standard. This reflects in appraisals and in the first impressions of shoppers.

Are exterior shutters in style?

Exterior shutters are always in style! While certain styles go through spikes in popularity, Southern Shutter Home focuses on providing quality shutters that stand up to the test of time and maintain a classic look no matter how long they’ve been on a home.

Do houses look better with shutters?

Shutters can definitely complete the look of a home, but only if they’re done correctly. Custom created, properly fitted shutters improve the look of a home and even increase home value. Different styles of shutters bring a different aesthetic to home design, but there’s always an option that can improve the look of a house. For example, Bahama shutters make coastal homes look more relaxed and welcoming, while plantation shutters add a more elegant and sophisticated look to a home. Both options improve the look of the home in very different ways.

Can you install shutters yourself?

One lesson we carry throughout our lives is “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Sure – you could go to a big-box store, purchase shutters off of the shelf and take them home for a DIY project. But we wouldn’t recommend it. Not only is there a clear difference in the look of big-box and custom shutters, big-box shutters are likely to cost more than you expect. They don’t age well, requiring replacement after just a few years, and they need frequent repainting. They also often don’t include hardware. Without the exact measurements, proper tools and experience, installing store bought shutters is simply a risk of your valuable time, effort and money.  In contrast, custom shutters are designed with your exact home in mind. They are cut to your exact window measurements and designed to perfectly match the rest of your home. You don’t run the risk of improperly installing them, and they are guaranteed to look just the way you imagined. Best of all, they also stand up to the test of time, which is why Southern Shutter Home shutters come with a lifetime warranty.

What is the best material for shutters?

We offer natural wood and composite shutters at Southern Shutter Home. Each option has advantages and disadvantages depending on their use, but we stand behind both by offering a lifetime warranty on all custom shutters.

How long should exterior shutters last?

With custom shutters by Southern Shutter Home, your shutters will last a lifetime, and they’ll look great the entire time. We stand behind this quality so strongly that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

What kind of shutters should I get?

Choosing your style of shutter is purely a personal decision. Certain styles seem to be easy choices for homes – Bahama shutters near the beach or board and batten shutters on farmhouse homes, for example – but there is no “right” shutter for a home or region. At Southern Shutter Home, we’ll walk you through all of your options for design, customization and style. By the end of our process, you’ll know just the shutters that are perfect for your home.

How long does installation take?

Depending on the size of your home and the number of shutters being installed, the process is relatively quick and is typically completed in 1-2 days. Our installation professionals are always courteous, kind and respectful of our clients and their homes.