Blinds and Shades FAQs

You have questions, and we have answers! Find our most common blinds and shades FAQs below.

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With so many factors to consider, pricing will vary. Making decisions in function, style, the number of windows, materials, privacy options, the size of the windows can influence the price factor. It’s best to know exactly what a client desires to achieve, their style preferences, to best serve our clients. Southern Shutter Home offers a free measurement and consultation to all potential clients, to deliver the most accurate pricing for your residence or business.

Southern Shutter Home carries blinds constructed of either natural or faux wood. Wood blinds are a natural option and they offer a more traditional look with many different options of stain or paint options. Faux wood blinds are a more economical option. Either option of window blinds has insulating properties. Faux wood blinds withstand humidity and moisture better than wood blinds; therefore, they are a better selection for garages, bathrooms or workshops.

“Best” is a relative term to be determined by the client. Southern Shutter Home is proud to offer a variety of options for fabric and vinyl vertical blind louvers. Fabric louvers are offered in various textiles with a wide array of colors to suit any color palette. The weave of the fabric will dictate the amount of light or privacy you desire. Vinyl blinds are most often used when light blockage is desired. Vinyl blinds are available in smooth and textured finishes and a wide array of colors to compliment any decor. Channel backing is an option, which combines both the fabric louver with a vinyl backing to obtain optimal light blockage.

The answer totally depends on your needs. Southern Shutter Home offers a wide range of fabrics and weave patterns, to achieve the desired light coverage and/or privacy for your home or commercial space.

Our fabric honeycomb cellular shades and roller blinds are available in a wide range of patterns & textiles to maximize light coverage. We refer to maximum light coverage as “blackout”. Although blackout refers to maximum light blockage, no product will completely block all light. The blackout options are designed to offer maximum light blockage; when measured properly to fit flush within your window frame or mounted outside with ample overlap of the window frame.

Blackout shades can make a slight improvement in noise reduction. The cellular construction of a honeycomb shade has options of single, double or triple cells to offer various degrees of noise, light and insulating properties. Blackout shades have an extra layer of material designed to block light with the added value of noise reduction and better insulating properties.

The answer depends on your personal style preference and desired functionality. Blinds offer a traditional look, adjustability for your desired light and privacy preference coupled with insulating qualities. Shades offer a “softer” appearance to filter or block light as desired. The polyester nylon blend fabrics are offered in various a wide range of colors to fit any decor. When you add the double or triple cellular option to the honeycomb shade, you add to the insulating & light blocking properties. The Southern Shutter Home professionals utilize their expertise in window coverings to assist everyone from novice to designer, in selecting the best option for their environment.

Wood blinds offer a natural insulating ability, but honeycomb shades with double, triple cells or blackout options have been found to increase your window’s energy efficiency R-value (the level of resistance to heat passing through a certain material) by up to 50%. Southern Shutter Home also offers outdoor sheer weave roller shades that allow many levels of transparency, depending on the close weave of the fabric. A bonus of using outdoor sheer weave roller shades is the cooling effect obtained by light blockage, while retaining the visual aspects of your view.

Despite serving similar functions, they are very different. Our blinds are constructed from natural or faux wood slats, that can be tilted open or closed and can be raised up and down. Shades on the other hand are made from woven fabrics or vinyl, offer varying levels of transparency. They can be raised from the bottom to the top or you can choose the top down feature, which lowers from the top to bottom to offer privacy while retaining a desired amount of view. Sky lights are most often covered using the shade option with a rail system, which allows for movability.

We recommend consulting with a Southern Shutter Home expert to find the best solution to for your unique needs. The architectural style of the windows, preferred design elements, amount of sunlight, view will often combine to dictate the options best suited for your home or commercial space.

The answer is relatively they are relatively the same. Our Wood blinds are easily cleaned using a soft cloth for light dusting or light vacuuming for routine cleaning. Never use products designed to polish or wax wood. We suggest for smudges, to use a lightly dampened cloth followed immediately by a dry soft cloth. Our Faux wood blinds are manufactured with a composite material that is resistant to moisture. Usually light dusting with a soft cloth or light vacuuming for normal cleaning, will remove dust. If you have smudges, we suggest a damp cloth moistened with lukewarm water or a mild detergent. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach, as it may adversely interact with the composite material.

Either blinds or shades when pulled up will allow light to stream into your space, but a shade will have a smaller “stack up”, when pulled to the top of the widow. When blinds or shades are lowered and closed, a fabric sheer shade allows the maximum filtered light to enter a room, while offering a certain level of privacy. It’s important to note that shades do not have a tilt option to open or close to your desired level of view, as the blind, therefore the blind would offer more functionality if you prefer to tilt a window treatment for desired light or view options. The exception to this rule is the Dual Shades product, which offers both a soft fabric louver encased within sheer fabric, to offer a tilt functionality, the privacy of a sheer, combined with optimal optics.

Your living room space is unlike any other, therefore we suggest you allow our professional team at Southern Shutter Home to assist you with the best options for your home. We bring out samples of our products, measure your windows, obtain information on functionality of your room, assess the amount of light entering the room during the day, consider the view or amount of privacy needed. All these factors will be compiled to offer you the best suggestions for your living room.

Wood or Faux wood blinds are recommended for kitchen spaces for their ability to be cleaned with relative ease compared to other products. Depending on the location in the kitchen, fabric shades are a trendy and stylish option offering light filtering options and an array of color to suit any décor.

Cordless Lift allows you to raise or lower blinds simply by pushing them up or pulling them down from the bottom rail. Cordless Lift and Lock allows you to raise or lower your blinds similarly, but by pressing and releasing a button on the bottom rail, the blinds lock into place. This option is optimal for households with children, pets where cords may attract small children or pets. Aesthetically, the Cordless Lift option appeals to some people for the optics it offers of being more streamlined.