Blinds and Shades FAQs

You have questions, and we have answers! Find our most common blinds and shades FAQs below.

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How much does it cost to put blinds in a house?

With so many factors to consider, pricing will vary. Making decisions in function and style, the number of windows, materials, and more can influence a price greatly. It’s best to know exactly what a client wants and needs, which is why Southern Shutter Home offers a free measurement and consultation to all potential clients in order to deliver the most accurate pricing.

What material is used for blinds?

Blinds are produced using many different materials to suit a particular purpose, style and/or price point. Southern Shutter Home carries options constructed of either natural or faux wood – each having their pros and cons. Wood blinds offer a more traditional look with many different stain, paint and finish options, and they also have natural insulating properties. Faux wood blinds are a more economical option, longer lasting and easier to clean.

What is the best material for vertical blinds?

“Best” is a relative term to be determined by the client. Southern Shutter Home is proud to offer a variety of options for fabric and vinyl vertical blinds. Fabric comes in different weave patterns and many different textures and hues that allow for as much light or privacy you desire. Vinyl blinds are solid and don’t allow much ambient light to pass through when compared to fabrics. Vinyl blinds are available in smooth and textured finishes and come in many different colors to suit your space.

What is the best fabric for roller shades?

The answer totally depends on your needs. Southern Shutter Home offers a wide range of fabrics and weave patterns to allow for as much light and/or privacy you prefer for a certain space

Which shades are best for blackout?

Our fabric honeycomb shades and roller blinds are available with certain weave patterns to let in your preferred amount of light. Both come with a blackout option and both are measured properly to fit flush with your window frame allowing the least amount of light to shine through.

Do blackout shades reduce noise?

Blackout shades can make a slight improvement noise reduction, but honeycomb shades’ cellular construction are best at blocking noise and come with a blackout option as well.

Are blinds or shades better?

The answer depends on your personal style and desired functionality. Blinds offer a traditional look, adjustability and some insulating qualities. Shades offer much more functionality than blinds – vertical or roller shades, for example – as well as a “softer” look with available patterned fabrics. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching, and our professionals at Southern Shutter Home will help evaluate your needs to balance style and function for the perfect combination.

Which blinds are best for insulation?

Wood blinds offer a natural insulating ability, but certain honeycomb shades have been found to increase your window’s R-value (the level of resistance to heat passing through a certain material) by up to 50%. Southern Shutter Home also offers outdoor roller shades that allow a level of transparency while cooling off your outdoor living space.

Are blinds and shades the same thing?

Despite serving similar functions, they are very different. Our blinds are constructed from natural or faux wood slats that can rotate open and closed and can be raised up and down. Shades on the other hand are made from woven fabrics or vinyl, offer varying levels of transparency and are able to open from top to bottom, bottom to top, sideways or as a roller option. They can even cover a skylight!

What are the most popular window blinds?

Wood blinds are preferred for their traditional look, natural insulating properties and color options. Faux wood blinds are longer lasting, easier to maintain and budget friendly. We recommend consulting with a Southern Shutter Home expert to find the best solution to your needs.

What type of blinds are easiest to clean?

Our faux wood blinds are manufactured with a composite material that is resistant to moisture. No special cleaning techniques here – regular dusting with a soft cloth or light vacuuming for normal cleaning, or to remove smudges or other debris, a cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water or a mild detergent will usually do the trick.

Which blinds let in the most light?

With the blinds or shades lowered and closed, a fabric sheer shade will let in the most light while also offering a certain level of privacy.

What are the best blinds for a living room?

That depends on your personal preference of function and style. Southern Shutter Home covers both bases by offering a line of high-quality options to suit anyone’s need.

What kind of blinds are best for kitchens?

Faux wood blinds are recommended for their ability to withstand moisture and are easily cleaned of grease and grime from a kitchen’s work area. But depending on the location in the kitchen, fabric shades are a trendy and stylish option as well.

How do you pull down cordless blinds?

Very easily! Cordless Lift allows you to raise or lower blinds simply by pushing them up or pulling them down from the bottom rail. Cordless Lift and Lock allows you to raise or lower your blinds similarly, but by pressing and releasing a button on the bottom rail, the blinds lock into place. This option is best for households with children.