Five Tell-Tale Signs That You Need New Shutters

If there’s one aspect of home design that is impossible to “un-see,” it’s poor-quality shutters. An improperly sized, crafted or placed shutter can change your neighbors’ conversation from “look at that beautiful home” to “what were they thinking?” Wondering if your shutters are hurting your home more than they’re helping? Take a look at our Five Tell-Tale Signs That You Need New Shutters below: 

1. Your shutters are attached directly to the wall, not the window – One of the biggest tells of a poor-quality shutter is its installation. If your shutter isn’t hung on hinges, it not only renders the treatment useless, but it also takes away from the entire appearance of your home. Faux shutters are often not hinged to the window opening, but instead mounted flat to the structure outside of the frame. This incorrect placement removes the detail and three-dimensional effect that make shutters beautiful. 

2. Your shutters aren’t sized to your window – Nothing is a bigger sign of a budget shutter than incorrect sizing. This could be reflected in small shutters on either side of a much larger window or in shutters that extend past your window frame. The only way to ensure perfectly sized shutters is to have them custom created. As a home feature that’s easily seen from the street, custom-sized shutters are essential to leaving a lasting positive presence on your home. 

3. Your shutters are falling apart – This red flag seems obvious, but the solution might not be. Instead of patching up your problem with one or two new shutters, take this as a sign that it is time for a change. Quality shutters can, should, and will last a lifetime. Homeowners often spend more money replacing and repairing big-box shutters than they ever would have on custom, quality shutters. 

4. Your shutters lack hardware – Hardware not only keeps functional shutters in place but also adds a beautiful element of design to your home. Your hardware should be rust-free, custom placed and functional. See a few of our favorite pieces below. 

5. Your curved windows are flanked by rectangular shutters – Your curved windows are beautiful, and shutters only enhance that beauty! The only exception – when curved windows feature rectangular shutters. We could list a million reasons why this is a design faux pas, but the before and after images below tell the story for us. 

If your shutter features one or more of the five tell-tale signs we mentioned above, don’t worry! We’re here to help. Call us, chat online or send us an email for a free estimate, measurement and consultation. We’ll create custom shutters that will increase your home’s curb appeal and impress your neighbors. 

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  1. Greta James
    Greta James says:

    About a week ago, I closed on this cute older home that is in my ideal location. My plan now is to do some renovations on the place. Thank you for pointing out that you need shutters that are the right size for the windows in your home and they need to be the right shape. I will have to follow your advice and take down the old shutters and look into services that can help me get the new perfect design.


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